Welcome to ZK Email Hub

August 18, 2023

An quick introduction to our open source project, demos, and progress.

Welcome to https://prove.email! ZK Email is an open source organization aiming to be the backbone of decentralized identity verification and new user onboarding on chain. We do not attest to users' information or identities, they directly attest and an open source zk verifier verifies it. We are non-custodial, as users are the only ones who can withdraw their funds from their account.

Understand the Product

To see a detailed breakdown of our latest presentations, check out our slides.

Try our identity demos on prove.email#demos. Reach out to us if you want to help work to integrate these proofs into the proof of personhood ecosystem!

Try our wallet demo on testnet on emailwallet.org. Read the docs for them on emailwallet.org/docs.

You can see our ecosystem as of March 2024 here:


Starting in October, we will be looking for Solidity newbies or veterans to test our extensions framework, which allows you to define a relatively short contract (we expect our sample Uniswap extension to be < 100 lines) to add a new functionality for the email wallet. Feel free to add your own protocol, and we will do our best to audit your extension and make it available to users!

If you would like to build your own bespoke email proof, we recommend using our SDK on NPM to construct your bespoke circom circuits, smart contracts for zk-email, and helper Javascript email parsing functions. You can use our regex_to_circom subpackage to construct novel regex circuits. Feel free to ask us in Discord about your bespoke usecases. We are also available on Telegram!

Contribute to the Core Project

We are actively and always looking for open source contributions! Get started by tackling an open issue in the circuits repo or the relayer repo (especially the ones marked for first-timers!). We are happy to award grants for contributions.

We are also excited to chat with developers looking to build next-gen technology, designers looking for a fresh challenge to engage users in a novel way, and startup founders who want to build their tech stack around our open source technology. We are happy to provide a list of ideas for hackathon ideas -- the last hackathon project built on our tech won second at ZK Summit!