Claim your ETH Denver NFT using Email wallet

How to claim your NFT using Email Wallet

about 2 months ago2 minute read

Building Proof of Twitter using ZK Email

This tutorial guides you through creating a Twitter circom circuit using ZK Email's libraries.

3 months ago10 min read

Building Email Wallet

How we created a wallet to send any asset via email.

4 months ago1 hr read

An Opinionated Overview of ZK Tooling and Proof Systems Right Now

Proof systems, ecosystems, proving stacks, and why we chose the ones we did.

7 months ago30 min read

Welcome to ZK Email Hub

An quick introduction to our open source project, demos, and progress.

8 months ago5 min read

Nozee: JWT verification with ZK-SNARKs

Verifying sign-ins inside a ZK-SNARK.

10 months ago30 min read

ZK Email

Programmable provenance via server-free email verification on chain, and what that unlocks

over 1 year ago30 min read